A new kind of marketplace for travel

Designer trips that are created for you, by people like you. Don't just travel, go on an adventure!


Designer trips

Trips are designed by people like you, and then remixed to suit anyone's taste. Start with a basic itinerary, and add your own travel and acommodation.


Find a trip

Trips are organised by personal interests, as well as destinations.


Remix a trip

Something not quite right? Customize a trip to suit you perfectly.


Get expert help

Most trips are 80% complete. You can finish it yourself or with expert help.

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New in V2

Travel experts can make money from their influence.

Create trips that you're interested in and build an audience around your idea of good travel.


Build a like-minded audience around your trips and use your influence to create travel.


Generate leads for your own travel business or make commission every time they book.

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Travellers love it.

Trips are an ideal way to book and go travelling. Feedback we have received tell us that people want more adventure and authenticity for their money.

“That was the best trip I've been on. No need to think twice before booking, you simply could not go wrong”

Jonathan Wilson

“I was thrilled by the quality of the bookings. The travellers were perfect and wonderful throughout the entire process, I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Annabelle Porter
Travel Expert

“Finally, I’ve found an app that covers all bases for my ideal trip. We were able to plan in days, not months.”

Anna Souzakis

“Once again, my expectations have been surpassed – Bravo!”

Brett Thompson
Travel Expert

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this trip to new and experienced travellers.”


“What usually takes at least 2 or 3 weeks was reduced to 4 days. That in itself is invaluable.”

Abigail Roberts
Travel Expert

Take a closer look

We're currently in a closed beta, and will be open for all in late 2021.

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